18 May 2010

Scenes from the Commute -- Baby Snake

Well, kinda. I rolled into the driveway the other night to find this tiny juvenile Northern Water Snake next to my car. From tip to tail, the little fella was only about 6~7 inches long.

Seeing as how he's pretty harmless and was in a patient mood, I decided to get some close-up shots. This shot was taken in super macro mode with my little Olympus camera from about 2" away.

Zoom in a bit and... Yikes! I think I can see my reflection in his eye!

This make for the 6th species of snake that I've spotted in my yard (Northern Water Snake; Eastern Garter Snake; Brown Snake; Redbelly Snake; Black Racer; Copperhead). I've never been a big fan of snakes and used to be deathly afraid of them, but the more I encounter them and study them, the more facinating I find them. Sure, I still hold tons of respect -- and fear -- of venomous snakes, but they are beautiful creatures (in their own way) and a very important part of our world.