09 March 2010

New RUSA Permanent route for North Carolina!

Well, I finally got off my butt and decided to put together my own RUSA Permanent route. We have quite an active randonneuring community in North Carolina, and I've been inspired by Mike D., the "Godfather of NC Permanents" to build my own.

The new Leesville - Leasburg - Leesville (L-L-L) route is an out-and-back route leaving out of the north Raleigh community of Leesville and turning around in the rural community of Leasburg. I've tried to take the route out of Raleigh as quickly as possible, leaving the suburbs behind and sticking mainly to very rural back roads.

Let's ride!


Mike Dayton said...

Nice! When do we ride?

Mike / Raleigh

bullcitybiker said...

I like it B! I used to live near Red Mill Rd and it's always great riding out there. Stagville Road off Old Oxford is very "scenic."

A caution for folks who might use the embedded map.. the route is correct but the cues look to be reversed around Cheek Rd and Red Mill.. or I am looking at it wrong??

-b said...

Thanks, guys!

Good eye, Branson. The cue for the outbound turn onto Burton Rd (off Cheek) is backwards. The cue function on Ride With GPS is decent, but still needs a bit of work.