31 December 2009

Crunching the numbers

The end of the year always seems to bring with it a bit of reflection. A little over a year ago, I was inspired to start tracking my mileage. Throughout 2009, I dutifully logged all the miles I pedaled, and here's the rough breakdown:
  • 211 total rides for a distance of about 13,000km (8075mi)
  • 157 commutes to work (6992km ~ 4344mi)
  • 17 Randonneuring events (4100km ~ 2545mi)
  • 12 MTB/off-road rides (245km ~ 150mi)
  • 25 other rides (1668km ~ 1035mi)
The neat thing about statistics like this is they're so concrete -- they certainly quantify the miles I spent my bike.

What the numbers miss though, are all the laughs shared with friends and the quiet miles alone with my thoughts. The tailwinds and the headwinds. The pain and suffering of a tough ride. The feeling of freedom, adventure and shear euphoria of simply going for a ride. The lovely sunsets and the crunch of fall leaves under my wheels. An ice cold soda on a sweltering day. A hot cup of tea after a biting cold commute to work. The frustration of chasing dogs and inattentive (or aggressive) drivers. The pleasantness of a sharing a smile and "Good Morning" with another person on the greenway trail.

All in all, I had a wonderful year on the bike -- hope you did too. Best wishes to everyone for a Happy New Year!

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geof said...

great year! my pleasure to have shared so many of those miles with you buddy..G-