02 September 2009

Scenes from the Commute -- YAWS (Yet Another Water Snake)

Hey, remember the little northern water snake I blogged about a little while back?… Yeah, well I think I've found it's Ma (or Pa).
I spotted this fat bastard on one of the bridges along the Black Creek Greenway in Cary the other afternoon. At first glance, I though it was a water moccasin -- and that's basically what the water snake wants you to think. Moccasins are bad asses and everyone knows to leave them alone.

As a defensive posture, water snakes will flatten their body and head to make themselves look bigger and their head will take on a triangular shape mimicking a venomous snake. However, sometimes mimicry can get you in trouble.

Problem is, most people see the water snake and think "yikes, it's a moccasin" and the next thing you know, they've grabbed a shovel and it's "off with ye' head". It's kind of a shame.

I'm not sure whether this fella had just finished a large meal or the eaten' is good in his neighborhood, but I was impressed with just how "hefty" this snake was. Overall, it was probably a good 2.5 feet long and 3" across at the widest point -- which is about as big as these snakes normally get.
I love the coloration and detail in it's keeled scales.
OK. I think this'll be the last "Scenes from the Commute" for a while… unless I see a unicorn, of course.

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bullcitybiker said...

You're fearless, B. No way would I have gotten close enough to find out what kind of snake that was.

Wish I had my camera on the commute home late last night (night shift.) Two raccoon kits surprised me on a bridge. They turned and hauled tail- at like- 1 mile per hour! I was laughing my rear end off until I wondered if Momma was getting ready to jump me..