20 August 2009

Scenes from the commute -- ongoing herpetology studies

Grrrr. Of all days to forget my camera... While rolling through Umstead Park this morning, I noticed a small black squiggle on the trail. Being curious, I turned around to take a look -- it was the smallest snake I've ever seen. A tiny little ringneck snake, probably only a couple days old -- if that. Barely 4" from nose to tail.

He didn't seem too keen on me picking him up (don't blame him) but once in my hand, he must of liked my body heat and tightly wound himself around and between my fingers. Had to force him off my hand and back into the safety of the underbrush.

I found this photo of a ringneck snake on the web -- it's pretty close to the same size as the one I saw this morning.

Not a mile further down the trail, I saw the perfect track of a side-winder snake in the sandy trail. Wonder if it was a rattlesnake -- or a copperhead -- or...?

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