25 August 2009

Scenes from the commute -- Hey, who you callin' a stinkpot!?

Why, that'd roughly be you, Mr. Turtle.

Say hello to
Sternotherus odoratus better know as the Common Musk Turtle -- aka: The Stinkpot.

Much like myself, the common musk turtle will secrete a foul smelling musk from their anal gland when threatened (hence the name). Perhaps this little fella went easy on me, seeing how it's a Tuesday and all and even though I picked him up, he didn't feel threatened enough to share any of his 'secret sauce'.

I caught up with Mr. Turtle on the dam at
Lake Crabtree this morning. We hung out and chatted about the weather for a bit, then each went our own way.
Vaya con Dios, Mr. Turtle.

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