02 August 2009

Rainy Ride

It's pretty much a tradition: Geof & I ride on Sundays. If it's warm enough, it's a 'weather be damned' ride -- today was one of those days. The radar was showing lots of green just to the west of the Triangle this morning so I grabbed a fendered bike for the occasion.

We rode a great little route including an assault on the Col du Lystra. Geof was riding 'strong like bull' today and I spent most of the morning trying to hang on to his wheel. I just didn't have the power today -- I felt like a shadow.

Being able to map out the route is kinda fun. Sure, we've ridden the same roads a hundred times, but there's just something neat about seeing the day's efforts drawn out for you. I used my little GPS to record the route and I've posted a copy to MapMyRide:
One could say we had a good ride in spite of the rain, but I'd say we had a good ride because of the rain.

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