29 July 2009

Commute Route

About 4~5 years ago, my folks gave me a little Garmin eTrex GPS unit. It's pretty basic -- can't load maps, etc. -- so I really didn't use it much.

Recently, I've been working on mapping out some new routes so I broke it back out and began playing with it. At first, I didn't think there was much I could do with it -- Garmin doesn't offer much in the way of software to work with it.

After digging around online, I found a couple GPS utilities that would allow me to pull a GPX file from the eTrex that I can upload to Bikely, etc.

I set it up this morning to record my commute then used a nifty little app called
LoadMyTracks (Mac) to pull a GPX file off of it when I got to work. A quick upload to Bikely and there you have it -- a nicely mapped out route: The elevation profile info seems really off -- there were times on the ride where the speed seemed to be really off -- possibly because of dense tree cover in Umstead park, etc.

Overall, it looks like it'll be pretty handy tool for mapping out routes. Ain't technology grand?!

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