04 July 2009

Back in the saddle

A "surprise" day off presented a chance to get in an early Permanent for July. Dean put out the call for a run at the Kerr Lake Loop -- I happily signed on with buddies, Mike O'Connor and our local RBA, Alan Johnson.

We were treated to a beautiful rollout from New light. The morning weather was almost cool with low humidity -- at least for July. A cooling wind from the northwest proved to be a surprisingly persistent headwind/crosswind all day, though the breeze helped keep things from feeling overly hot.

Al and Mike O. were fresh off of Bike Virginia and were both riding strong. Al was riding his first 200k ride in nearly 3 years and is quickly rebuilding his randonneuring form -- he also mentioned he's thinking about PBP in 2011...

Rolling out of the Oxford control on the return, Al took the pull. When Al drops into his aero bars, watch out! He put in a pull so strong for several miles that, to quote one of my favorite Liggettisms, I had to "dig into my suitcase of courage" to hold his wheel! As the saying goes, you're only as old as you feel and at 66 years young, Al is certainly riding like a much younger man.

Dean and I are both "veterans" of the RUSA R-12 award and I believe we've found a couple new recruits in Mike O. and Al. We're both looking forward to many more rides with you guys!

Enjoy some shots from the road:
Hay bales and maillot janue... could this be Le Tour?!?

The Spoon of Oxford. Caught my attention for some odd reason...
I've also posted a couple more images from Dean and myself on Picassa.

Bon Route!

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dean furbish said...

-b, I enjoyed the ride. Indeed, what a "suprise" day it turned out for all of us!