26 June 2009


Mr. Blue Heron fishes for breakfast at Lake Crabtree.

So.... what's up with all the wildlife shots? Well, I have a great commute route into work -- about 2/3rds of which is on greenways and park roads. I see tons of wildlife, so I decided to start carrying my digital camera and shooting some of it.

Bon Route!

23 June 2009

No Regrets -- A great day to not ride a bike

I drove to work on Monday. I prefer to ride to work as much as possible -- anytime I drive, I tend to regret not riding.

Monday started out no differently. I wasn't thrilled about driving -- I needed my truck for errands, but damn, it was a beautiful day and I'd rather been on my bike.

As I left work yesterday evening, I witnessed a highly impaired driver round the turn onto S. Harrison Ave. from Dry Ave. too wide and hit another car at the intersection. The driver then overcorrected and drove up into several yards, running over a small block retaining wall, flatting the right rear tire on their car. Of course, when you're shit-faced, small things like that don't stop you so the driver continued on his merry way.

I got a call into 911 -- I hope they managed to pick this idiot up and get him off the road. No telling how much other damage he'd already done.

So, why was this a great day to not ride a bike? Well, if I was riding, I could very well have been in front of this idiot, pedaling away down the road.

I'm glad I wasn't on my bike on S. Harrison Ave. yesterday evening. Be careful out there.

Guess Who?

Guess who I saw on my commute yesterday morning? Why Mr. Turtle, of course!

On my way home last night, I saw his buddy, Mr. Bunny -- actually I saw three rabbits -- but this was the only one I was able to get a decent photo of.

Happy trails.

07 June 2009

Small things -- Part I

Randonneuring is about big things -- long distances, long hours in the saddle, epic climbs, and epic weather. But sometimes small things can make a big difference.

I got hip to electrolyte tablets several years ago and they've made a big difference in my riding. Initially I carried my stash of tablets in a film canister -- it's compact, waterproof and carried all I needed for a 200~300k ride. Problem with the film canister is that it's tough to open & close while in the saddle.

A season or two ago, my buddy Lin turned me on to a better solution: M&M minis -- actually the tube they come packaged in. The little tubes have a hinged lid with a lip that makes it real easy to pop the top open and close it with one hand while riding. And as a bonus, you get to eat the M&M's too.

Of course, you can also get the tubes from
Hammer Nutrition, but you won't get any M&M's that way.

So, next time you find yourself wandering the candy isle, grab a tube of minis and refill the tube with electrolyte tablets (or your performance enhancing drug of choice) for your next ride. Oh, and by the way, the tubes work great for carrying M&M's too.