28 May 2009

Sundae treat

There's no better way to spend the day than out riding bikes with a good friend and this past Sunday was a perfect day for it.

Geof and I decided to ride Mike D.'s Kerr Lake Loop Permanent -- one of my favorite routes. Lots of quiet gently rolling back roads -- I especially enjoy the section between Boydton and Clarksville.

We had some good laughs -- namely at Woody (see below) and Geof told an absolutely hilarious story about a bizarre encounter our buddy Todd had on the Morrisville 600k a few years ago. 

Before we knew it, 200k passed beneath our wheels without ever feeling like work.

I remembered to bring my camera this time and to actually use it. Here's a couple shots from the ride...

We found Woody hanging out on the side of the road...

...it would appear he's Chad's bitch now.

Obligatory photo on the dam.

Geof shooting fish from the dam.

Um. Say those clouds are looking a little menacing. It's time to get rolling!

Quick stop to mail a post card from Skipwith.