11 March 2009

Yanceyville Ramble Permanent

7 March, 2009

Saturday was an absolutely stunning day to be out on a bike! All week, the weather forecast for the weekend kept getting better and better. Absolutely perfect weather for a ride, so I though I'd do a local route that I hadn't done before. Start temps were around 50 with a high in the upper 70's forecast. 4 of the usual suspects (Dean, JoeRay, Mike D. and myself) rolled out with smiles on our faces.

Mike D. already has a great write-up of the day so I'll make mine brief. 15 miles in, we took a quick stop for wardrobe adjustments and a greasy biscuit. Yeah, that IS the breakfast of champions:

Dean rocks the NC Randonneurs jersey:

Gunn-Poole Rd featured the first real hills of the day -- Mike D. affectionately named them the "triplets of Bellevile". The middle sister was the meanest. It's hard to get a good shot while rolling, but you may be able to make out the climb from this shot:

Two words of advice:
BRING HALT. There are a couple of nasty dogs on the route -- especially on Carr Store Rd. Overall, John's Yanceyville Ramble is a great route with plenty of good climbs and quiet back roads. Looking forward to riding it again.

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