03 February 2009

Tout en pédalant

This past Sunday was a glorious day to ride in central North Carolina. Buddies Geof, Dave and I rolled out around 9:30 to temps in the upper 30's and it was warming up quickly from there with temps topping out in the low 60's!

We hit a brief snag at the start when Dave realized he had the wrong shoes for pedals on his bike. No worries, Geof has at least one set of every clipless pedal system made in the last 30 years. A quick pedal swap and we were on the road.

Maybe 5 miles into the ride, we rolled away from a stop light and I couldn't clip into my left pedal. The spring in my left Egg Beater broke -- this is the second time I've had this happen. The first time I was 10 miles from the finish of a 200k Permanent. On that ride, I was riding a pair of Mallets so I just limped on back home, which worked out OK since they have a large platform. Little different story with the Egg Beaters.

I'd thought about this type of failure after the first spring broke. The "fix" was easy. I took off my left shoe and placed it on top of the pedal. Then pinched the bottom wings of the Egg Beater together and secured with a couple of zip ties. For the remainder of the ride (40 miles) I had to remember to unclip on the right and if I wanted to dismount, I needed to take my left shoe off. Inconvenient, but it beats having to cut the ride short or walk back home. Here's a couple shots of the "fix":

I really like Crank Bros. pedals, however, the failure rate isn't winning my heart over. At least I know I can rig them up good enough to get home. The zip ties held up good enough for some reasonably hard climbing out of the saddle and at least 40 miles of riding. I even managed to unclip and clip in several times without snapping the zip ties!

I unclip on the left most frequently since I always put my left foot down at stops -- which is why I guess the left spring fails more frequently.

Granted, I've been riding this set of Egg Beaters for about 18+ months and probably 4000+ miles -- not to mention they are the cheapest set of pedals Crank Bros. makes. According to the specs on their website, it looks like the higher end pedals use a stainless steel spring -- hopefully this is significantly better than the spring in the el-cheapo pedals...

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