08 February 2009

Salisbury 200k

Days like this don't come around in February all that often. As the week progressed, the weather forecast for Saturday kept improving. By Saturday morning, the wake up temp was hovering around freezing with a high of about 70 forecast and clear, sunny skies.

It was great to see many of the usual suspects at the ride start along with a crop of new faces. It was a wonderful day in the saddle. Great weather and great company.

RBA Tony put together a challenging, yet scenic

About 10 miles in, I missed a shift on the first steep hill and *POW* my chain broke.
This is the second weekend ride in a row where I've had a mechanical failure -- hope this doesn't become a trend. Buddies, Mike D., Wes, and Joe Ray, stopped with me and we were back on the road and in hot pursuit of the lead group.

After the first control, I decided to ease up and wait for the next group to come along. We had a hearty little group consisting of Jay, Dean, Vance, and Glenn. We stayed together for the rest of the day, finishing up just after dark.

I thoroughly enjoyed the route. It was certainly challenging, with plenty of climbing, but I felt great at the finish. I'm already looking forward to next month's Brevet!

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dean furbish said...

B, I enjoyed riding with everyone Saturday on what turned out to be a great day outdoors.