26 December 2008


I recently received my first (of many more, hopefully) R-12 medal. I didn't start out with the goal in mind to achieve an R12. I started the 2007 brevet season as I always had -- which means starting cold with the Morrisville, NC 200k and riding myself into shape from there.

After completing the full series, I still felt like I needed many more miles under my belt before PBP.
Mike D. Had put together several nice Permanent routes in the area so I began working some of these rides in on a regular basis. Something just clicked for me -- brevets shouldn't just be a "spring-only" thing -- I should be doing this all year 'round. Mike D. and several other riders were working on their R-12 and really encouraged me to pursue my own.

PBP was a bust for me and a major let down. I felt like I needed to achieve some goal for 2007 and... well... I was already a good 6-months into a R-12... And well, the rest is history.

I'm very happy with my R-12. I've really enjoyed doing the Permanents all year around. I've always commuted year-round, but longer, 200k+ rides haven't factored in before. Coming into the first brevets of the season was so much easier this year -- I didn't have to suffer and claw my way through the first 200k.

However I think the best benefit of the regular monthly permanents is being able to connect with all your great cycling pals all year 'round.


bullcitybiker said...

That's one purty medal! Way to go-

dean furbish said...

Congratulations, b! It sounds like you're well on your way to the next one!

Bob O. said...

Grrrreat work!

Mike Dayton said...

Let me pile on. We're glad you're along for the ride.


geof said...

way to go daddy-o!

big G