17 December 2008

The Danbury 205

13, December 2008

It was about time to start thinking about the December permanent when Mike D. posted a message to the NC Randon list about riding John B's new Danbury 205 route this weekend. I was in. As fate would have it, Mike unfortunately wasn't able to make the ride.

Several of the usual suspects rounded themselves up for the ride. Branson, Jerry and I rolled out together into a rather cool morning.... somewhere in the upper 20's. True to John's description, it seemed like only a minute or two and we were clear of the strip-mall and out on the back roads of the Piedmont.

John also went on to say, "The route is pretty hilly, but the first leg of the route eases you into it gradually with a few nice rollers to get you warmed up. Most of the climbing is concentrated between Mayodan and Danbury, starting with a nice climb right after leaving the first control in Mayodan....". Truer words could not have been spoken.

While refueling at the Mayodan control, we met a really nice fellow who was clearly an avid cyclist & regular commuter. He'd recently had some sort of heart trouble and off the bike due to doctor's orders. He's hoping to get clearance from his doctor soon to start riding again. I sincerely hope the news is good.

The climb out of Mayodan was quickly confirmed... literally as we left the control. From there out to the turn around was a suffer-fest. Beautiful, scenic suffer-fest, but a suffer-fest none the less -- at least for me. Branson seemed to be sporting the wings of an eagle as he made the climbs look effortless.

Note to self: work on getting better at climbing.

Overall, the route was wonderful. Mostly quiet roads, great scenery and challenging terrain. We did have a bit of navigational confusion, but very easily straightened everything out.

One turn in particular at Hwy 158 wasn't well marked, but it's right where you'd expect it. There's also a flashing signal light at the intersection for confirmation.

Cajun man did make a appearance near the end of the ride for a bit of comic relief! We were all in good spirits and getting just a bit punchy.

After finishing up at John's house, we adjourned to the shopping center where we'd started. The talk of the evening had been dinner and
Wholly guacamole had been crowned the winner. And a winner it was! After downing 47 baskets of chips and a 2 gallons of salsa (each), we waddled out to our cars for the journey home.

My adventure was over yet, however. About 20 miles from home my car starting acting funny -- with 10 miles to go the problem became obvious as my lights dimmed to a quaint orange glow. Dead alternator. Almost made it home, but the Sammy finally ran out of juice about 2~3 miles from the house.

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bullcitybiker said...

Nice ride report B- it was fun! Props to Jerry for completing his R-12 X 3 with this ride. Merry Christmas-