24 October 2008

DIY: Tyvek Toe Warmers

Winter is just around the corner so I though I'd share a little trick I've found for helping keep my toes warm in the cold: tyvek toe warmers.

Materials needed:
tyvek envelope
packing tape

Years ago, a cycling buddy told me to use plastic baggies on my feet to help keep my toes warm in cold weather. It actually worked pretty well, but the bags were pretty much destroyed after a ride or two, necessitating frequent replacement -- plus the bags tended to make my feet feel clammy.

While messing about with an old tyvek envelope last winter, the idea to use tyvek hit me. Tyvek seemed like a perfect fit -- it's waterproof, tough, breathable (somewhat) and basically free.

I prefer used mailing envelopes since they are already softened up, but for this demo, all I had was a new envelope.

Cut the envelope in half -- about 5~6" from the closed end, then cut the closed end in half again.

Now you have a piece of tyvek that is closed on two ends -- slip your foot in to the pouch then fold the open end down under the inside of your foot -- secure with tape.

Well, that's pretty much all there is to it. Feel free to reinforce the bottom with a bit more tape and tape down the pointy bits, though I don't find it's really necessary.

If you started with a new envelope, they'll soften up nicely and mold to the shape of your foot after only a couple of uses -- they should hold up for several months of heavy use.

So now you have some leftover tyvek lying around -- what to do with it? Cut a strip and wrap your spare innertube. The tyvek will help keep the tube puncture free as it rattles around in your tool kit and you can use the tyvek to boot a tire if you get a nasty gash!


bullcitybiker said...

Great stuff! Thanks for the illustrated tips. I'm a Tyvek convert now-


JustLookingAround said...

So what sort of tape did you use? I rather suspect my foot funk would unglue simple packaging tape.

Goat Squid said...

I am only discovering your post now. Thank You!