20 October 2010

Greensboro 600k - Better Times A-Coming

Ever get a song stuck in your head on a ride -- can't shake it no matter what you do?

Well, on the Greensboro 600k last month, I had Jim and Jesse McReynolds' rendition of "Better Times A-Coming" stuck in my head -- for nearly 36 hours. As frustrating as that seems, it actually turned out to be a good thing.

That's the thing about doing brevets, especially longer ones, you can sometimes reach a really dark point -- even thinking about abandoning -- but if you can just hang in there, there's always better times a-coming.

Shortly after leaving the control at Chuck's house on the way out, I started to feel less than good. I'd ridden the first 200k a little too hard and not eaten enough throughout the day, and it was starting to catch up with me. By the time I'd reached the control in Carthage, I was feeling green. I ordered some food at McDonalds, knowing I needed to eat, but feeling like I couldn't. While waiting for the food, I popped a Tums -- and within seconds knew I was going to be sick. A mad sprint for the bathroom for several minutes of dry heaves, and that was that. I still really couldn't eat, but at least I felt somewhat better -- just got to keep the pedals turning.

From Carthage to the turn around in Fayetteville, it was touch-and-go with my stomach. With the encouragement and the offer to share his room from new riding pal, Steve, I was able to make it through a pretty rough night. I knew if I could make it to the turn around and get a bit of sleep, better times would be a-coming.

And after couple hours of good sleep and a hearty breakfast at the Waffle House, Steve and I rolled out for the final 200k back to Greensboro. Better times had arrived.


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It's not easy being green. FĂ©licitations!

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